Blackheath Standard Time

Completely London by Flickr user Garry Knight
This photo of an estate agency in Blackheath is brilliant. And how often do you get to say that?

The new Foxtons, which is replacing the army centre, (see here and here previously), will have a hard time living up to that… Especially given that 135 people didn’t think it was appropriate to build another bloody estate agents in Blackheath – from the council’s planning page:
Foxtons planning permission on the Greenwich planning site
Incidentally, I emailed the council asking them why they approved it, given that it was 135 against and 1 in facour. They replied, informing me that they had approved it. So I asked why again. Still waiting for a definitive answer. Planning laws seems so opaque in this country.

Clocks photo by Garry Knight on Flickr.


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3 responses to “Blackheath Standard Time

  1. I just emailed the planning person that approved it too withthe following. Lets see what the response is (if there is one).

    ‘I’ve noticed that planning application 10/0847/F for a Foxtons to be developed in Blackheath has been given approval despite 135 to 1 objection rate.

    As a resident of the village could you let me know on what basis such an application is approved and what objection ratio needs to be achieved in the future in order for an application to actually be rejected?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.’

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