Vodafone ad shot in Blackheath

Do you remember the “More Mysterious Filming in Blackheath” business a few weeks back?
Well, Sonja has written in, to say that her son has spotted the actual ad:

Look at about 14 seconds in. It’s rather a “blink and you miss it” moment, unlike the epic version of the Bookshop on the Heath, that appeared in an episode of Spooks last year.

Screenshot below – she’s either annoyed about her stupid boyfriend, or perhaps SouthEastern Trains have screwed up again:
Vodafone ad shot in Blackheath

By the way, whoever did the music edit at 32 seconds in should be shot. Or at least, buy some new razor blades…


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6 responses to “Vodafone ad shot in Blackheath

  1. Anne

    Or maybe disgusted at Vodafone being let off a £6bn tax bill?

  2. Tara

    0.16 seconds in, that’s outside the book shop in the village too ;-)

  3. Eughhh… please, she is annoyed because there is no signal in the village. Boo hoo (not)

    PS I have a flip camera so totally willing to “film” the spoof vid

    Any would-be directors willing to do their thing?


    • Anne

      Haha, yes, she is probably standing in Lee Road trying to make a call and being told: “network busy”…

      I’m totally not a director but I’d be well up for helping in any way possible!

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