Lewisham Council ask for donations towards Blackheath Fireworks

In a charmingly quirky press release (“Penny for the guy”, and “damp squib” puns ahoy), Mayor Bullock has asked that people contribute towards the fireworks on Blackheath.

Given that financial fund managers are partially to blame for the mess the country is in, it seems beyond ironic that a fund management company are partially sponsoring the fireworks:

“This year the event will again be generously backed by independent fund management company GLC Ltd, who have been involved with the Blackheath Fireworks display since 1994.”

Long-time readers may recall that the Bugle has never actually made it to the fireworks, due to bugle-Dad being born on the same day that Guy Fawkes decided to blow up parliament.

It’s not that I mind Lewisham asking for money for this. It’s just that I find it hard to discover any examples of them running anything better than Greenwich. And here we Blackheathens are, straddled between both, waiting to see where the axe falls next.

A penny to the next person who finds me a good news story about Lewisham, and I’ll promise not to burn an effigy of Sir Steve on November 5th…


(Thanks to Eva for spotting the story).


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2 responses to “Lewisham Council ask for donations towards Blackheath Fireworks

  1. Holly

    Does anyone know what happens if I donate money for the fireworks and then Lewisham Council decides that it hasn’t raised enough money and cancels them?

    I don’t mind donating to the fireworks as long as they actually do go ahead. What I don’t want is to make a donation, have the fireworks cancelled and find that I’ve, in effect, just paid more Council Tax for the year, and to a Council that is shutting my local library!

  2. I just called to make my donation and was on hold for 15 minutes. It actually made me feel better to know that the council never answers the phone, even when you’re trying to give them money.

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