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Blackheath’s illustrator in residence

Great piece on Sir John Gilbert, an artist who worked on the Illustrated London News, as well as other papers. The post is crammed full of examples of his work. Well worth a look:

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The picturesque bus stop

Bus stop in Blackheath, illuminated by the sun
I’ve spotted this bus stop looking iridescent several times on my new (and hopefully to be continued) running route. This photo, captured by twitterer Neil Clasper captures it well!


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What were the skies like when you were young?

Lovely timelapse video of Blackheath at sunset, filmed and suggested by David Boyle, using a TrouserMac application called iTimelapse.
Previous example by KhE 龙.
Any my attempt back in July 2008.

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Blackheath in 2D

Someone following Kermode’s advice next to the railway bridge…

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The hidden mines…

Are there undiscovered chalk mines waiting to collapse on Blackheath Hill? Subterranean Greenwich seems to think so…

Winn’s Chalk Mine, Blackheath Hill

I think we need a remote control plane and some radar equipment…

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Blackheath Park from End to End

UPDATE: it’s not this weekend- sorry! (thanks to Ben for spotting the mistake)

Part of the Open House weekend – a walk through Blackheath Park – it’s on Saturday & Sunday 18th-19th September

Blackheath Park from End to End

Blackheath Park is a three-quarters of a mile long thoroughfare of boulevard proportions containing a wide range of architectural forms from 1818 until the present day with Span houses and listed houses and is at the heart of one of London’s first conservation areas. The Park is at the centre of a community of exceptional quality known to its residents since the early 19C as the Blackheath Cator Estate.


Address Meet: Sat/Sun 10.30am at Forecourt, Blackheath Concert Hall, 23 Lee Road SE3 9RQ

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More mysterious filming in Blackheath

Film Crew in Blackheath
Flickr user Beglen spotted another film crew in Blackheath yesterday – anyone know what they were up to?

Rumour has it that they were filming for a Vodafone commercial…


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