The hidden mines…

Are there undiscovered chalk mines waiting to collapse on Blackheath Hill? Subterranean Greenwich seems to think so…

Winn’s Chalk Mine, Blackheath Hill

I think we need a remote control plane and some radar equipment…

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One response to “The hidden mines…

  1. Anonymous

    I’m more concerned with the potential threat raised by Washerwoman’s Bottom. This mythical lady has not been on the curry: this is the old name for the area of Heath between Hare & Billet Road, Royal Parade and the church.

    Still, if it does start to collapse, it might rid us of visitors who consider it perfectly acceptable to trash the place every time the sun comes out.

    Talking of the Heath: anyone know what is happening on Sept 11th/12th? Some outfit called Nimby Events has put up obscure notices on lamps next to Whitfield’s Mount applying for a drinks licence for that weekend.

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