More mysterious filming in Blackheath

Film Crew in Blackheath
Flickr user Beglen spotted another film crew in Blackheath yesterday – anyone know what they were up to?

Rumour has it that they were filming for a Vodafone commercial…


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9 responses to “More mysterious filming in Blackheath

  1. darloboy

    Not sure what they were filming but just along from Costa they’d set up a fake bus stop with a blue bus pulled up. Stop was ‘to Angel’ (I think) — north London definitely.

  2. Pangur Ban

    I saw more filming underway by All Saints Church on the common on Thursday evening. No idea what though.

  3. It was for a Vodafone commercial. I was int he fruit and veg shop the week before last when a textbook media type (skinny jeans, sunglasses, ginger hair) walked in and gave the owner some information that the mobile phone operator was coming to town for filming and they were just letting people know.

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  5. take99

    Anyone know what they were filming outside All Saints Church yesterday? The snow blowers were out in force along with a fleet of black limos occupied by Asian gentlemen in black coats.

    Can’t help wondering if the producers had responded to Lewisham Film Office’s somewhat optimistic sales talk, eg:

    “Perhaps the best thing about filming on location in Lewisham is the quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The locations have not been overused. There are no low flying aircraft spoiling sound takes, and parking is generally available nearby. We now have a parking permit system where permits to park film vehicles can be e-mailed to you for use the next day.”.

    • Sheryl

      I spoke to the security there and they said it was a Bollywood Film staring Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif.

    • Anonymous

      No low-flying aircraft noise? Parking available? What parallel universe is this?

      The whine of aircraft has been pretty constant for the last few days. This happens when they shift the Heathrow flight path a few degrees. And the parking is available only by banning residents and local businesses without concern that they are already being screwed by extortionate fees.

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