Library Closure Meeting on Wednesday 7pm

Lewisham Council are planning to close Blackheath Library (opposite the Post Office). There’s a meeting about the closure on Wednesday (tomorrow as I write this) 28th July at 7pm, at the Leemore Centre, Clarendon Rise, Lewisham SE13 5ES. Please go if you care about your library. I can’t make it (really bad timing), so please let me know what happens. Very conveniently, it is nowhere near the library itself (see map above).

Take the 108 bus towards Lewisham, and get off at Lockmead Road. Buses are every 3-8 minutes. Journey is less than 12 minutes. Less than 5 minutes walk from the bus stop to Leemore Centre.
108 bus to Leemore Centre for library closures.


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6 responses to “Library Closure Meeting on Wednesday 7pm

  1. I do hope that the library doesn’t close. I was a regular visitor until April when we moved away from London. I am shocked that it is now at risk, having such a central location with great access it should be one of Lewisham’s flagship libraries.

    Before we moved, my true local library was Grove Park library over on Somertrees Avenue in Lee. But this library is tricky to get to. You really have to go out of your way to visit. I am by no means suggesting that the Grove Park library should close. I don’t think any library should close, I believe that they are vital centres for many people. I just don’t see the wisdom of cutting such a centrally place library such as Blackheath.

    Good luck at the meeting, I do so hope that it is well attended and well supported.

  2. Jim

    I know the council has to cut spending but in five years time when the economy is back on course (hopefully!) we will wonder why the council was so short term in it’s outlook. We would have lost a great community asset. Once gone it will never be replaced and the council should only cut things that can be easily restated once the funds become available.

  3. Tom

    Hi there,
    Just to confirm, the meeting is definitely at the Claredon center and not Blackheath library itself?


  4. Rob

    I’m a Greenwich resident, and have just been told by my councillor that a meeting between Greenwich councillors and Lewisham’s mayor is being planned to discuss the proposal.

    It is therefore hugely important that Greenwich residents contact their councillors asap (email is fine- details are on the Greenwich website) to make their views known.

  5. My comment on Library Closures…
    Perhaps we should look to relocate rather than close some libraries with relocation towards Schools rather than Superstores, Pubs and other retail based outlets after all why should we give them the green light to capitalise on “Library” as a brand.
    Relocating to a school will give much needed income and the kids can learn customer service, IT, business and so many more streams of information with a practical outcome in results.
    Capitalise on our inability to make good from bad news by supporting and intervening at a practical level but you give the green light to Superstores and the brand will become obsolete.

    Mark Alladin
    0208 915 0784

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