Bits and pieces

Excellent post about the proposed Library Closure on the Blackheath Village Residents Group website.

A recent Blackheath Society email had some suggestions about what you can do to apply pressure, if you don’t want your library to close:

You can write to the Mayor and to councillors to express your view.

The decision is ultimately one to be made by the Mayor, so we would encourage members to contact him (his email address is and also your councillors ( ;; Cllr­ ) and Heidi Alexander, the Lewisham East MP (   Greenwich residents may wish to contact their Councillors.

As well as mentioning the next Blackheath assembly meeting, on Monday 19th July, at 1930 in St Matthews Academy, which I suspect might be slightly more heated than the previous ones…

There’s a new Blackheath Village Library Users Group newsletter too, which is difficult to track down unless you’re on the Society’s email list, and only opens in Word, so I’ve reprinted it here (hope that’s ok – email me if it isn’t).

Also:  Provender (the veggie cafe near O’Neil’s) has closed, but will be replaced by a crepe/wrap place (according to the guy who was decorating it).

Finally, if all of that is too dismal for you, there’s a nice blog post about how to pinch other people’s elderflowers in Blackheath, and what to do with them afterwards!


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4 responses to “Bits and pieces

  1. Wow! Thanks so much for linking to my Elderflower post! Hope some readers get out and enjoy foraging around the heath…

  2. Hannu

    An email to the above mentioned people resulted in this additional (?) piece of info:

    A consultation concerning Blackheath library is organised (by Lewisham Library Services?) on 28th of July.
    Time – 7 p.m.
    Venue – Leemore Centre, Clarendon Rise, Lewisham SE13 5ES.

  3. Ed

    Crepe/wrap place sounds tasty! It’s a shame about the previous owners (or are they the same) but I never saw anyone in it .

    Anyone one got any news on the closed Thresher’s?

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