Blackheath – now in 3D!

An unusual one today. Here’s (the first video I’ve ever seen) showing Blackheath in 3D.

You need some red-green 3D glasses to view it (I have some, and can confirm that the video is pretty convincing… Not quite Avatar, but then not much is).

Made by “Dru Zed”… He’s also made several photos of Greenwich Park, The Observatory and looking out over Greenwich. More on his Flickr page.

They were made with one of these Fujipix 3D cameras, but at £430, I think I might have to wait a bit until the prices drop before moving this blog into the third dimension…


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4 responses to “Blackheath – now in 3D!

  1. So where do you get the 3D glasses?

    • I got some about 5 years ago when the first mars anaglyphs appeared. I wrote to a 3D glasses company on the web, who sold them in packs of 1000s, asking how to buy a pair. They sent me some for free! Can’t remember the name of the company though.

  2. Minky

    Hey Dru, when are you going to post some more 3D videos?

  3. Hey Minky, here is a 3D music video I made, with footage shot in Blackheath, Greenwich and Oxleas Woods:

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