That Foxtons Blackheath leaflet

And you thought that the election finishing had brought an end to interesting leaflets… Look what’s appeared through my letterbox….

The longer I live in Blackheath, the more I think that a secret to a well looked-after area is a good number of rich old people. I mean, who else would have the time or the cash to leaflet-bomb the whole neighbourhood? Looks like the work of a Blackheath Society member gone rogue to me…

Not that I’m against it. There’s no way that we need another estate agents in Blackheath. So if you want to stop it happening, take a look at this. Maybe they can go and put their branded minis somewhere else.


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15 responses to “That Foxtons Blackheath leaflet

  1. Russ Hughes

    You do not need to be rich or old to care. What an inane statement to make, also a great way of alienating half of your readership.

    I’m glad that someone took the time to so this irrespective of their demographic.

    • I’m glad they did too! And I don’t agree that it is an inane statement. You do have to be (relatively) rich to print out 200 or so leaflets. You do have to have a fair amount of spare time, in order to deliver them on a Monday during the day time. And if you are retired, and live in Blackheath, going on the evidence I’ve seen at local meetings, there seem to be a fairly large number of older, concerned citizens. I didn’t say that this was a bad thing!

  2. But it was an anonymous leaflet. I treated it as I would treat an anonymous letter: I threw it in the bin.
    I have no interest in another estate agent, but if Foxton wants to try its hand against the others in the village, it’s a free market. It’s not as if the army recruitment office was enhancing the social, cultural or commercial life of Blackheath, is it?

    • It was an anonymous leaflet which could be researched and confirmed as true. And the planning laws of this country aren’t a Free Market. They’re supposed to be controlled by a series of laws in the best interests of the people who live in the area.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m a villager but have not heard of this. No leaflet: no outcry from the Blackheath Society. But more than 50 objectors so far [four times the number of neighbour consultation letters] shows that someone has been doing a pretty good campaign.

    This might imply that Foxtons is likely to be refused but planning officers would find this difficult [see below] while councillors have won their election and be less motivated to risk paying appeal costs.

    And there would be an appeal which Foxtons has a good chance of winning.

    1. The premises are already offices, albeit in a different legal class, so change of use is not significant.

    2. I can see nothing in local planning policies to rule out what is essentially a switch in similar activities [recruiting housebuyers rather than soldiers].

    3. An inspector might conclude that objections are about the estate agent involved as much as any change of use – and that has no basis in law for making a planning decision.

    • But surely planning officers should also take into account the blend of businesses along the high street? Or could every shop in Blackheath village eventually become an estate agent?

      • Anonymous

        Lewisham has a policy of keeping the proportion of retail level, hence recent rows over proposed restaurants but this is in Greenwich.

        The place is also classed as offices rather than a shop and I don’t see any legal ground for distinguishing between types of office. Traffic generation may be a goer but would be hard to argue.

  4. Anonymous

    But doesnt this all assume that the leaflet is the work of a concerned resident? Isnt it more likely to be a competitor estate agent?

  5. Anon

    120 objections now

  6. Jenty

    I see Foxtons have got planning permission from Greenwich Council. So much for all our objections.

  7. Something hilarious is happening on Twitter right now. If you searched Foxtons a week ago, you’d find a huge outpouring of hate from hundreds of users.

    Apparently they noticed, because thousands of users suddenly today started tweeting about how great Foxtons are. Click any one of these users, and you’ll notice all they ever talk about are products, and they link via a specific website ( I can only imagine this is a marketing agency with thousands of fake accounts employed by Foxtons to try and counter the hatred.

    Luckily, the user hatefoxtons” has managed to filter out the spam (so far) and you can still see all the real ones.

  8. Thanks for the plug Najir. We are trying to help.

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