Blackheath urgently needs more estate agents…

Foxtons planning to invade Blackheath – Abbie commented:

Interesting anonymous note regarding the recently closed down Army Recruitment Office just dropped through my door reading:


Foxtons Estate Agents have brought the old Army Recruitment Office at 9 Lee Road, SE3 in the Village & have very quietly applied for change of usage.

1. Change of usage is a virtually impossible task for anyone apart from foxtons for some reason. By granting this the council will be setting a dangerous precedent which could lead to the demise of your already beleaguered local shops.

2. Foxtons would require parking permits for a very substantial number of cars for the station car park which is already overloaded. Should this happen parking in the village will become virtually impossible. This will be further aggravated by the planned closure for redevelopment of the Blackheath Grove car park.

If this is of concern to you you MUST write or email by Wednesday 12th May at the latest to:

Kemi Erifevieme
Greenwich Council
Crown Building
48 Woolwich New Road
SE18 6HQ
020 8854 8888

Quote Ref no: 10/0847

Sure enough, if you search around on the Greenwich Council’s website, here is Foxton’s request.

This seems like a really unnecessary addition to the high street.


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13 responses to “Blackheath urgently needs more estate agents…

  1. adrian

    The question is what is worse for Blackheath, empty shops or too many of the same types of shop?

  2. Ed

    Oh no , not another estate agent … Pity the landlord had to do a deal with Foxtons… I guess….

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  4. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse than betting shops!

  5. josh

    I would not ***** Foxtons as far as you could ***** them, to many friends had bad experiences. This is not good news for the local homeowners.

  6. Olly Knight

    angry email sent.

  7. Nancy

    Why the permission letter is adressed to Greenwich Council? that park of Blackheath is clearly Lewisham!

  8. Ooh the evil green minis and their cheap suit wearing, clipboard toting geezers.
    I don’t know why Estate Agents don’t open up in places where there is a lack of competition to encourage sellers and buyers to use their services in an area that is not already saturated. The Village in Charlton would be a prime example. A parade of shops, no estate agent to my knowledge and an area increasing in prices that would also attract Westcombe Park sellers. Clearly not been thought through to open in an area with an established bunch of competitors already in place.

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