Bet this advert disappears from Lewisham on Monday…

Make sure nothing stops you voting. Unless we run out of ballot papers, don’t have enough people available to hand them out, or end up turning angry voters away towards the end…

“Police were called to a polling station in Lewisham, south London, where about 300 people had still to vote by 2200 BST. ” BBC News

Spotted outside Lewisham Library, on the way back from TFC, near the people handing out Islamic leaflets, within earshot of the plaintive trumpeter…


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2 responses to “Bet this advert disappears from Lewisham on Monday…

  1. It might disappear, but I suspect the advert on the 199 bus encouraging people to register to vote for the london Mayoral elections will be with us for a while longer. (not sure if it is from 2008 or earlier)

  2. This was not actually the case. Presiding Officers had been advised to make sure that all people queuing were brought into the polling station and issued with ballot papers prior to 10pm, and this is what happened.

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