Leaflets delivered by constituency

Leaflets delivered by constituency
If you haven’t played with The Straight Choice website yet, then you should. Above is a map showing the number of leaflets delivered in the Blackheath area. Greenwich and Woolwich are the purplest, which means they’ve received the most leaflets, followed by Lewisham Deptford, then Lewisham East. Thanks to the opening up of the Ordnance Survey electoral boundary data, you can also see the constituency boundaries very nicely too. If you receive any leaflets from any parties, scan or photograph them, and add them to the site! (Especially if you live in Eltham – there’s only one so far). And when you’ve done all that, don’t forget to look into their eyes!


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2 responses to “Leaflets delivered by constituency

  1. Gill

    This is useful but it shows only leaflets. I’ve also had 3 personalised letters from the Libs. They seem to be trying the hardest…

  2. Good plan, but with the numbers I’ve received in my Eltham ward and constituency, I’d be there all day! I’ve had letters too – I guess they count as ‘communications’ same as leaflets…

    Anyway, the heat’s gone out of that now. All eyes on what sort of strange beast the next govt will be.

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