Dear India Jane

Dear India Jane,
Whilst it looks like you do a lovely line in furniture I will never be able to afford, do you think you could hang on to the sign above the letterbox?  It would be a happy reminder of the movie rental shop that we knew and loved.  And you never know, maybe you’ll get some late returns… Thanks.


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34 responses to “Dear India Jane

  1. Anonymous

    What happened to White Stuff?

  2. Anonymous

    I second that idea- i loved that shop.

  3. Otter

    Expensive but awfully kitsch.

  4. Sam

    The rent on that place has got to be huge.. i’m annoyed they’re ripping out the layout of prime time as i think that suited the building well. I too was expecting White Stuff to appear, i guess Fat Face are happy that’s not happening.

    Blackheath gains another shop of which most of it’s residents won’t set foot in, let alone buy anything. I know the BVTA back in the day didn’t want any ‘common’ shops popping up, but can we at least have a few shops where a small mortgage isn’t required just to set foot through the door?

    • Anon

      The Prime Time shop was dark and dingy and looked a bit dodgy.
      I’ve popped into India Jane and yes you’ll see expensive items but also items that are unique and affordable and good quality.
      And there seemed enough local residents in there too!

  5. Rosey

    Sam I can not agree with you more. They will definitely struggle for business.
    The quality of their cutlery I bought was not compatible with my dish washer AND WAS RUINED. I took it back to their shop- Kings Road for a refund, which they refused to do.
    Spend you money with Harrods, John Lewis where your guaranteed better quality for your money.

  6. Emma

    I am so happy that finally a beautiful shop with an amazing range of beautiful products has opened in the heart of our village. I am happy that as a resident I will not have to drive to go to a decent shop to purchase possessions for the home I love so much. It is not like I have any money to spend on these additions to my home but I save for them! I hope the shop does well!

  7. russell


    ‘Blackheath gains another shop of which most of it’s residents won’t set foot in, let alone buy anything.’ is that so…?

    I bought a hall cabinet from them and it’s beautiful. Ig stitches and daughters can survive i’m sure India Jane can.

    Do you think loads of poor people live in Blackheath or something…? lol

    • Yes, I saw an angle-poise lamp in there. A snip at £350.

    • Anonymous

      Yes: I know that poor people live in Blackheath. It’s a sad comment on modern society that you don’t.
      Fortunately for outfits like this, there are also people with more money than sense who think over-priced knick-knacks are vital to happiness.

  8. Rosey

    @ Anon ??? Were you extremely happy to buy cutlery @ ‘that price’ and not able to place the usually way????
    To be fair it all appears to be overpriced tat! You are buying into stock which is obviously cheaply made!
    Can you not see my point??????

    • Dear Anon, write something polite, and I might hit the publish button. Write more insults, and I’m less likely to.

    • Anon

      Rosy, I was very happy to pay the price for the Mother of Pearl cutlery set and as instructed by India Jane not to use in the dishwasher.
      I also do not agree that the items are “tat” but that is my view and I stand by it.
      We all have a choice of where to shop and i fully support this new local store.
      That is my point.

  9. Blackheathen

    I explained tactfully to the nice people working in the shop that behind the beautiful housefronts she has seen around Blackheath are not necessarily wealthy people and she cleverly said “but it’s nice to walk around to get inspiration”. I smiled, agreed and had a look. Liked the butler’s trays approaching £200. Found one online for £30.00

    • Roxanne

      At first as I was totally in admiration for the decor etc. Following my first recent visit I shall report this as only an opinion I do feel they appear to have very little experience in retail. On requesting an item and asked a number of questions, the assistant looked totally lost then asked for help! OMG This is a lovely shop in the village………..but service please!

  10. Rebecca C

    I think the India Jane shop is a gorgeous addition to the village. At least it’s not another estate agent!

    I adore wandering around the shop, just enjoying the profusion of lovely things. It’s so nice not to have to drive to Knightsbridge or Chelsea for a bit of beauty.

    I hope they do well!

  11. Marc

    Oh trolls, can you please spare us the chuntering about what ‘most’ Blackheath residents are like, how rich we are or aren’t, what we do or don’t like and what constitutes quality or value. You don’t get India Jane, that’s fine; I agree that you’re probably you’re not a target demographic for them. Of course you’re entitled to your opinion, but on what basis do you purport to speak representatively for the ‘majority’ of Blackheath? Like Rebecca, Emma and others I’m delighted to see a store of this type appear in our village and will support it wholeheartedly in the hope that more of its kind will follow. If you don’t like the stores aesthetics, products or prices, why the bluster? Just give it a miss, bite down on that fury, and schlep off down to Lewisham. There’s plenty for you there.

    • The Smallest Kitchen

      It’s simple Marc. The DVD shop was one of the best I’ve ever been to. The chintz shop really isn’t.

    • Anonymous

      Spare “us” the chuntering? On what basis do you purport to speak for “us”? You DO get India Jane? That’s fine. There must be a place in this life for people with more money than sense. Get stuck in there: empty your wallet in pursuit of tripe. But you could also respect the opinions of people who live locally for more years than they care to remember and watched their local shopping street turn into a tacky tribute to deplorable taste.

      The alternative to telling those with whom you disagree to bugger off somewhere else is to follow your own advice. There’s plenty for you in pretentious plastic palaces scattered across your spiritual home in trendy hotspots of Norf Lundun.

  12. NC

    A lot of these comments seem to pre-suppose that India Jane was somehow directly responsible for the DVD shop closing, rather than, say, the decline in DVD rental as a result of illegal downloading/the popularity of lovefilm etc/people like Tesco moving into the DVD market. I may be wrong, but it seems unlikely that the existence of India Jane was the direct cause of the DVD shop’s closure. India Jane does nothing for me whatsoever, but I can’t see that if it were to close – as so many seem to wish – that the DVD shop would somehow become viable again.

    • Nonsense! I will not have sensible commentary on this blog! It’s a good point… It’s more just a way of venting my irritation over the loss of such a nice shop, than anything inherently wrong with India Jane. I’d just feel better if I could find a single object inside the new shop that I could afford, or that looked nice. Plastic ebony-replica magnifying glasses don’t really do it for me…

  13. Rebecca C

    Gosh, think you’ve touched a nerve there with Mr/Ms Anonymous, Marc.
    Shame on you – don’t you know how long he/she has lived here??
    So, products at India Jane are tripe and those of us who shop there have more money than sense.
    Glad that’s sorted.

  14. Anne S

    I don’t live in Blackheath but read all of your comments via a link. I recommend visiting India Jane at the beginning of their sale. I picked up some really lovely small items very cheaply in their King’s Rd store last January.

    Be glad that it is not a 99p shop!

  15. I’m not posting any more grumpy comments on this topic. If you’ve got something to say that isn’t trolling, then feel free to add it, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t show up.

    • Anonymous

      RIP India Jane. Sign already gone. Clkosing sale in full flood. Massive bargains @ 30% off for the fans above who predicted it was just what Blackheathens wanted and would run and run.

  16. Is there any news on what will go in place of the now gone India Jane yet? Too early to say? Perhaps an estate agent? We seem to be low on them in the village. I liked India Jane. Just for browsing though. I only ever bought a set of coasters in there. 16 pounds.

  17. uknowitmakessense

    What we need to replace it is a decent chip shop :) There isn’t one of those in the village…. or maybe a Starbucks!

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