London Marathon 2010 in Blackheath

The endless whirring helicopters can only mean one thing.  The volcano has packed in the cigarettes, and it’s marathon day!  It’s live on BBC 2, and the presenters are all standing in Blackheath, complaining about the weather!

This page has been frequently updated, refresh the page and scroll down to see them. Please send in any info you have, from a Blackheathean perspective!

The view towards Greenwich Park (can’t see any LOCOG protestors… yet…)

Weather looking distinctly dingy compared to yesterday.

Yay!  Balloons!  And that nice Richard Branson with his money!

No text speak please, we’re British…

Weather even worse….

And they’re off! As Blackheath is trending on Twitter!

Definitely getting grimmer weatherwise… Lots of umbrellas appearing… But it was so nice yesterday!

The wonderful domes of the observatory appearing through the grime…


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2 responses to “London Marathon 2010 in Blackheath

  1. fiennese

    Our house overlooks one of the one mile markers and besides a bored looking policewoman and 1 lone spectator, no sign of any action yet.

  2. Pedantic Git

    Helicoptors were able to fly ok in the Volcanic Ash.. as it was the Planes engines sucking in the glass particles that caused the problems. Completely unrelated but thought i’d say it anyway :)

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