Is this new?

Your Speed flashing mph smiley face sign
I’m sure this flashing “smiley face / speed in mph” indicator never used to be there. Or have I just not been looking? Up near Costa Coffee.


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2 responses to “Is this new?

  1. Blackheath Ann

    It’s quite new, but not the only one in the vicinity. There’s a speed indicator (without smiley) that was installed a few weeks ago just past the Clarendon as you drive into the village. That’s been switched off now (or maybe broken) but it’s still there.

    There’s another smiley one on Belmont Hill on the way down to Lewisham. These devices have always beamed graciously on me so far as I pass sedately, which is the idea I suppose – but I imagine some drivers might be tempted to see what happens if they anger it with a sudden burst of speed. A mere frown and narrowing of the eyes? A baring of teeth and a roar of rage? A dalek-style extermination blast, leaving nothing behind but another pothole??

  2. Blackheath Bob

    There was a different one there before which gave the speed in red figures if it was over 20mph and yellow if it was under. I think it has wrongly been set up as if in a 20mph zone.

    The new one has been there a week or so and I have only ever seen the smiley face. Part of me wants to see what happens if someone drives over 30mph. It is in a poor location – it is on an uphill section and in an area where vehicles rarely go above 30 because of the amount of traffic. To be effective, these indicators should be located in known speeding and accident blackspots.

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