Blackheath Train Time Table from 1889

Just spotted The Blackheath Society newsletter in the local library (you can pick up a copy for free in there). Lots of good stuff, including an attempt to hold SouthEastern to account for their overcrowded trains. One particular gem is this copy of the railway and “omnibus” timetables:

1889 Train Timetable showing Blackheath trains and buses from Blackheath Local Guide and District Advertiser

The Society makes the point that in those days there were several trains direct to Finsbury Park and King’s Cross. The first train to Charing Cross was much earlier (5:17 instead of 5:46 as it is now). However, there were fewer trains in the mornings overall to Charing Cross. (I counted 9 trains between 5am-10am, whereas we now have 18).

The newsletter is also appears slightly bruised over the criticisms of the proposed Library Square. They point out that they are not property developers, and are only interested in improving the character and environment of Blackheath. Overall, from the tone of the newsletter, they seem to be having a rethink.


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2 responses to “Blackheath Train Time Table from 1889

  1. Trains direct to Kings Cross and Finsbury Park? That would be through the Snow Hill tunnel from Blackfriars to Farringdon, which was closed by publicly owned British Railways decades ago then rebuilt as the Thameslink line 20 years ago by British Rail, and now being rebuild and expanded as the vast Thameslink project today. And when that’s done there will be chances to run trains again from Blackheath right up the Great Northern Line — and more than six a day.

    Look at the 1889 timetable more closely. Blackheath to Charing Cross: 8.0, 8.20, 8.40. Blackheath to Cannon Street 8.0, 8.20, 8.40, 8.45. So three trains went to both (they went into Cannon Street, then reversed out round to Waterloo and Charing Cross). One extra went to Cannon Street only.

    Today, in that same hour from 08.00? Victoria 08.01, 08.21, 08.43; Cannon Street 08.11, 08.31, 08.55; Charing Cross (direct, without reversing out of Cannon St first) 08.06, 08.17, 08.26, 08.48. I make that 10 trains in the hour to central London instead of 1889’s four.

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