Olympics roundup

Here’s a list of recommended links about the Olympic Planning meeting held tonight in Woolwich Town Hall.

UPDATE: Greenwich Council have voted to allow the equestrian events to go ahead. Ten votes for, and two against.

Up to the minute tweets from AdamBienkov and Darryl1974, pints of Guinness notwithstanding…. Conservative councillor for Eltham Nigel Fletcher also present, but not tweeting currently. Also nothing on the NOGOE twitterfeed since 2pm.

Grauniad article London Olympics row over Greenwich Park role reaches climax talking about the people and organisations involved.

Greenwich Green Party article written by Darryl1974 (rightly) criticising the appalling Greenwich Time “newspaper”.

David Starkey’s letter to The Times, as also mentioned on the NOGOE website.

My view? The Olympics in Greenwich are inevitable. It will go ahead. If a million people walking through the streets of London can’t stop the Iraq War (yes, I’m looking at you Nick Raynsford), then a few angry locals can’t stop the Olympics from knocking down some trees in the park. But I’m not suggesting that these actions are pointless. Thanks to these protests, officials will now have to treat the park and the heath with additional respect, and will have to work harder to prove the benefits to the local community than they otherwise would have.


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9 responses to “Olympics roundup

  1. Jabhead

    Which councillors voted against?

  2. Lisa

    I think it’s great that the equestrian events will be held in Greenwich park. The grass may need to be relaid afterwards – there won’t be any lasting damage surely ? Having these events take place locally will be a massive boost for local businesses. I’m looking forward to it – will we get concessions on tickets as locals does anybody know??

    • Blackheathen

      As I said before, my bet is on the holier than thou odd-balls and snobs who make up the Blackheath Society getting the best seats in the house. Anyway, thank God Sebastian Coe pulled it off. Can’t wait to have some excitement going on around the place. Hurrah.

  3. Bob Land

    Received this from a friend ( who also used to live in Blackheath ).
    It is a house , on e-Bay ,which one can rent for the 2012 olympics in Greenwich Park
    please copy this link into your browser :


    I wonder if it will be rented out ???

  4. David Wilson

    Peter, you’re not the person I was at school with 1946-51 are you?
    Then, you used to live in Westcombe hill near the top and we used to go to tea after school. I was David Wilson, then in Little Heath.

    • Peter Sisman

      hi David, Sorry that I have not replied sooner. Only look at this site once in a blue moon. How time flies. Now living in Bishops Waltham, Hampshire.
      History: RAF 12 years. 23 year IBM computer engineer, 15 years driving a mini bus for Hampshire County Coumcil.

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