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Past election results in Greenwich and Lewisham

Here are some graphs showing past general election results around Blackheath. If you’re not sure which area you’re in, you can use theyworkforyou.com to find out. It’s really easy, just enter your postcode in the “Your Representative” box.

Greenwich Election results 1997-2005

Lewisham Election Results 1997-2005>

These numbers were from http://www.election.demon.co.uk/1997LB.html which seems to be the only place to find this sort of info?! Note that these graphs only show the top 3 parties in each year, and show the number of votes, not percentages of votes. Also note that these numbers are for General Elections (MPs) not local elections (councillors).

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Hello. Just a quick post to find out who’s been knocking on your door lately. Alex Grant (Labour councillor for Greenwich) appeared at my door last week. Unfortunately I was hungover, grumpier than usual, and whilst was quite happy to talk about the local council, started to see red when he asked me about how I would vote in the national elections. I said I really didn’t know, and that whilst I’d always voted Labour in the past, I simply couldn’t bring myself to vote for an MP who was in favour of the Iraq War, in favour of Trident, for ID cards, etc, etc. When I claimed that Nick Raynsford spends a disproportionate amount of time talking about property development in the house of commons, this was disputed. I pointed out that I regularly look at what Mr Raynsford is speaking on, by using theyworkforyou.com, and I think you’ll agree there is a fair amount about property development, and not so much about our ridiculous privatised rail system.

Anyway, I now feel slightly guilty for giving him such a hard time. He seemed like a good guy, and at least he turned up and was willing to talk. And today, Anne asked on twitter:

@blackheathbugle why are people in Nick Raynsford’s constituency being canvassed by Clive Efford? He’s not our MP…

I have no idea. I haven’t seen Clive Efford at my door (he’s the MP for Eltham, with Labour – although you’d have to look very carefully at his website to spot it). And I haven’t seen Nick Raynsford either.

So, at the risk of opening the floodgates of political ranting – who’s been knocking on your door, and how were they?


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