What future for Blackheath Village Library?

What future for Blackheath Village Library? poster

A slightly ominous looking poster in Age Exchange’s window. From the poster:

What future for Blackheath Village Library?

A meeting open to all at The Bakehouse, 6.30pm, Tuesday 16th March, behind the Reminiscence Centre, enter from Bennett Park.  Antonio Rizzo, head of Lewisham Library Services, will explain how change might affect the local library service in the next few years.

What do you want from our library?  Please come and give us your views.

telephone  020 8852 4032
email:  se3villagelibrary (a t ) yahoo.co.uk

Hopefully the answers will be listened to.  Libraries are so important – the local council must not cut them, and the labour councillors seem very happy to announce the revamp of the library in Blackheath Royal Standard on their blog… Hopefully because they want more libraries for all, not as a way of closing the one in the village.  Or am I too paranoid?  What with the Piazza plans looming, the village library’s future feels uncertain to me.

The Blackheath Village Library Users Group website hasn’t been updated for a while – hopefully they’ve still got some fight in them!

I suspect a reduction in qualified librarians – introduction of self service tills, fewer books, and more incredibly underpowered Windows internet terminals, half of which will be permanently out of order…  Or maybe the library will have longer opening hours, and more books!

Anyway – here’s the location on Google streetview.  Go along if you can:

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One response to “What future for Blackheath Village Library?

  1. Andrew Brown

    Last time anyone tried to close/move the library was in my early days as a councillor, my fellow councillor who had drawn the short straw went to our surgery to face a crowd of some 300 protesters (our usual turn out was sometimes as high as 5).

    Of course they were very well behaved protesters but we were left in no doubt about the desire for a library in the heart of the village.

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