The dwarf is back!

Just when you thought it was safe to commute, here is the ultra-short camera person, out again, to terrify Blackheath’s commuters with unflattering “up the nostrils” shots. Will the transport injustices never end?!

Here’s the last, strangely shot package, in almost exactly the same format… I reckon the producer lives in Blackheath…


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3 responses to “The dwarf is back!

  1. a camera dwarf who apparently dosent know how to work his kit. What horrible, horrible footage!

  2. Eve

    I was just about to go into Blackheath station that morning when I saw the BBC woman asking a random lady if she’d mind being interviewed about the transport woes. The interviewer was a petite woman with a giant camcorder resting on her shoulder – hence the dwarf shots…

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