No trains, no DLR, every bus is full

Stay in bed if you can. There’s little chance of heading in to London at a good hour today, thanks to some gas canisters that London Transport helpfully left to catch fire under some railway tracks… Again! Thanks!

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One response to “No trains, no DLR, every bus is full

  1. EnglishRose

    Now, I can just about be patient/understanding when transport is disrupted due to a safety issue. But why, oh why, oh why do SouthEast trains find it totally impossible to provide any sensible information via the display boards or announcement system whenever the trains aren’t running? Commuters are left trying to guess whether “disruption” means that the trains are just going to be 20 mins late or whether the entire network has been shut down, additional complications (e.g. DLR closure) aren’t advertised and even the train staff can’t tell you where the train pulling into the station is heading next. Surely it can’t be *that* difficult to provide regular and informative updates about the current situation so that commuters can make informed choices about alternative options?

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