Hey! Lewisham has a new local paper!

Cool! A new local paper! And it looks nicely produced! Er… But what’s this? It seems to only have advertisements in it for the Conservative Party. And all the stories appear to portray Boris in a good light….

So no, it may walk like a local paper, and quack like a local paper, but it’s actually a political leaflet campaign.

I guess a lot of political parties do this. But the context of handing them out next to The Metro seems incongruous at best, and deceptive at worst.

An don’t you need a license to do thugs like this at a station?

UPDATE: According to the guy behind the ticket desk, they’re supposed to at least “sign in” with him. He says the station master didn’t know anything about it either.


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3 responses to “Hey! Lewisham has a new local paper!

  1. Maisie

    That is getting more and more common! Even faith groups use this trick. I had a newspaper through my door – took me a while to figure out who it was from, it was some obscure bible bashing group.

    Of course there are council Newspapers. Spending our money telling us how fantastic the local council is. Not that Greenwich ever used that trick. ;)

  2. The rotters. I’ll keep an eye out 4 this rag of theirs today.

  3. How sinister.Lucky no other political party would stoop so low.


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