Knitting in Blackheath

Woolly scarf, made by Mrs Bugle's mum
Just saw this great post detailing the knitting patterns that are being wantonly pirated lovingly distributed from the Reminiscence Centre, and it reminded me of a post I had intended to do a while back, when Mrs Bugle’s mum came to stay. She is an accomplished knitter (see my lovely scarf in the photo for evidence). We had to find her some wool and needles, which is not something I’ve ever had to do before! A quick tweet from @clogsilk and @glittershim told me what I needed – I Knit in Waterloo is a great place, but pricey with it – picked up some lovely wool, and some knitting needles that made me feel like I was testing wands in a Harry Potter novel. @JoBrodie suggested the Hospice shop opposite the Royal Standard pub, which I made several failed attempts to get into (it keeps odd opening hours). When I eventually did get inside, the colours available weren’t great. Rolls and Rems in Lewisham was also suggested, but I didn’t make it that far.


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9 responses to “Knitting in Blackheath

  1. Lizzie

    I’d give Rolls and Rems in Lewisham a miss, if I were you. I don’t think they do knitting wool and their attitude to customer service is appalling. I’d rather pay a bit more and go to the haberdashery department in John Lewis. Both Bluewater and Oxford Street branches have great selections of wool, and nothing is too much trouble, unlike Rolls and Rems where even the smallest request is too much to ask.

  2. ElizaF

    As someone who would happily take up residence in rolls and rems on a permanant basis, I disagree with the commentator above.

    Yes in JL, it is nicely lit, the staff have the time to help you and there is nice gentle mus-ack being piped in which possibly compares unfavourably to R&R which is dark, busy, crowded, noisy and has a radio playing just one degree off the station frequency.

    However, where in JL can you find the fantastic bargain bin with enough white velvet off-cuts to make an angel costume, even in December? Where in JL will you find a back window stuffed from floor to ceiling with every conveivable shade of ermine so you can make a badger stripe and furry feet too? Where in JL will you find a button wall with what looks like every button made since 1922? Where in JL will you find a massive range of every conceivable material (and some, quite frankly inconceivable)?

    Oh and they do sell knitting needles and wool too. You just have to be prepared to go down there and open your eyes.

    To appropriate a well known saying, she who does not like Rolls and Rems does not like life.

  3. Klonky

    Now THAT is a lovely scarf.

  4. Seriously, Rolls & Rems is great for fabric and haberdashery, but only for yarn if you want acrylic (and you can also get that in Peter & Joan’s in Deptford High St). Iknit may be ‘pricey’ but the yarns are top quality merino wool/silk/alpaca/etc etc, similarly at John Lewis or Liberty’s. If you need help and advice you will find it there in spades.

    • I agree- the “I Knit” person was really helpful, and the wool was excellent. I think I just (wrongly) assumed that the “Primark Effect” would have brought down the cost of things like wool, when in fact the opposite has happened.

  5. Once you get to know the yarns and the fibres, you can pick up bargains on ebay, but when you are first starting out it’s better to be able to feel and see the yarn before you buy – after all you are probably going to be wearing it and it will probably be close to your skin.

  6. Lirogiro

    Knitshop on Lee High Rd is great. It’s not always open as the owner does trade shows, but it’s really easy to email her through her website and make an appointment. She’s really nice and will help you make yarn choices depending on your project. She also has a bargain box which is definitely worth a rake through.
    I love Rolls and Rems, they are great for fabrics and lots of other crafty things, although they do only stock a limited selection of acrylic yarn. They happily admit that they don’t know much about knitting so can’t really advise you about the knitting products, but decided to stock some wool as no where else in Lewisham sells it. It might not be the best place, but if you need something quick at least there is some selection…..

    • Lirogiro: thanks for the good words!

      Kiki: thanks for posting the link!

      Blackheathbugle, and all fellows, please feel welcome to come round for a visit at 326 Lee High Road. We are generally open between 10am and 2:30 pm and now we have late night shopping, every Wednesday till 7PM. Lately we have been getting a lot of queries regarding the opening hours and as yarn is a lot more touchy/feely product, a lot of our patrons like to see and touch before they buy, so we are working hard to keep the outlet open as advertised.

      The yarns at the shop are all natural materials, so sorry to disappoint the fans of man-made fibers. Looking at the yarn used on the above scarf, it resembles closely the Alpaca fino yarn which we stock (several shades are available) . I will be happy to show you around and talk about your projects :-)

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