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Knitting in Blackheath

Woolly scarf, made by Mrs Bugle's mum
Just saw this great post detailing the knitting patterns that are being wantonly pirated lovingly distributed from the Reminiscence Centre, and it reminded me of a post I had intended to do a while back, when Mrs Bugle’s mum came to stay. She is an accomplished knitter (see my lovely scarf in the photo for evidence). We had to find her some wool and needles, which is not something I’ve ever had to do before! A quick tweet from @clogsilk and @glittershim told me what I needed – I Knit in Waterloo is a great place, but pricey with it – picked up some lovely wool, and some knitting needles that made me feel like I was testing wands in a Harry Potter novel. @JoBrodie suggested the Hospice shop opposite the Royal Standard pub, which I made several failed attempts to get into (it keeps odd opening hours). When I eventually did get inside, the colours available weren’t great. Rolls and Rems in Lewisham was also suggested, but I didn’t make it that far.


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