Baby clinic shut down

Above is a map. The upper pin shows the (excellent) Lee Road NHS GP Surgery in Blackheath. The lower pin shows Lee Health Centre, where you will now have to go if you want to see a health visitor or clinic nurse, because Lewisham Primary Care Trust have stopped the funding for this at the GP’s surgery.

So compensate for the loss of the Wednesday afternoon clinic, which was usually used by 25-30 people, they’ve added only 1 hour extra to the new centre. So, two minutes per baby! Great!

To add insult to injury, it seems that nobody bothered to tell the GPs. The plan was decided before Christmas, but they were only told about it 2 weeks before the cuts took place.

So they have written a leaflet, explaining this to their patients. It’s surprisingly angry. It even goes as far as naming the people responsible:
Letter from Blackheath GPs about baby clinic shut down

So, if you think that this is unacceptable, maybe you could email the following people:

Fiona Howell
Health Visiting Manager, Lewisham PCT

Beulah Lewis
Children’s Services Manager, Kaleidoscope Lewisham Centre for Children and Young People.

Jane Shepherd
Director of Provider Services, Lewisham PCT.

Here’s a suggested email:

Sublject: Please reinstate baby clinics at Blackheath Lee Road Surgery.

Dear All,

I’m writing to you, to urge you not to reduce the health vistor and clinic nurses available in the Lee Road Surgery, in Blackheath. These services have been working well in their present form since 1989, and to remove them makes it harder for anyone with a child under 5 who uses the surgery.

Please reinstate this vital service.

Yours faithfully,

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One response to “Baby clinic shut down

  1. Vicky

    Dear Bugle,
    Thank you for publicising the closure of our local baby clinic. It was a fantastic service for new mums and a great support to me when I had my daughter three years ago. It was a great way to make sure that the babies were on track, weight and development wise and even identify any potential problems before they became more serious. It was also a very good support for mums here, some of who often may have worked right up to the birth of their children and do not know a lot of people in their local area. Services like this make a huge difference to families and can help mums suffering from post natal depression and feelings of isolation, that often happen after they become parents – these issues can affect anybody, regardless of income. The PCT feel that Blackheath is not a “deprived enough area” to warrant this service any more so we are now left with no proper health visitor support at all in Blackheath.
    Thanks again for publicising this news,

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