Upisde-down Blackheath

Blackheath Station in the Blue Mountains, by chris huh

This is a photo of Blackheath station.  Imagine if you walked down to the platform, as you do every morning, and saw this…. It says Blackheath, but something isn’t quite right.  You’ve stepped through the worm-hole that drops you through the planet, and down into The Other Blackheath.  Detail from a photo snapped by Flickr user Chris huh and used by permission.

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One response to “Upisde-down Blackheath

  1. dr mum

    Brilliant.It is usually misty in the morning as we are at the highest point of the mountains.
    The train journey to Lithgow from Downunder Blackheath is is soooo awesome with spectacular far-reaching views and ten tunnels going down a steep gradient. It runs through 1000 acres of national park. The next station to Blackheath is Mount Victoria, which has a distinct Rupert Bear/ Harry Potterness about it.

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