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Water is off again in Blackheath

The water mains have shut down again.  Go Travel, Lloyds Bank, and Bennett Park are affected.  If you own this black Ford Fiesta, the police are going to move it, as the Thames Water man needs to get to a bit of plumbing beneath it. 

Thanks to your friendly neighbourhood traffic warden, the Thames Water van now has a parking ticket, despite hazard lights blazing!  “Only doing my job” was the explanation… “Does that include using your brain?’ apparently was the retort!  Quite right too!

Please add to the comments below if anywhere else has no water.  According to their site, we are entitled to £30 if it lasts for longer than 12 hours!

If there is an unplanned interruption, for example when a water main bursts, we will put your water supply back on within 12 hours of knowing about this problem. If a larger “strategic” main bursts, we guarantee to fix it within 48 hours. We can’t give any warning of unplanned interruptions but we will tell you when your supply will be restored as soon as we can. If we do not give you advance notice of planned interruptions, or we fail to restore your supply within the time promised, we will automatically pay our domestic customers £30 and our business customers £50. For each extra 24-hour period that you have no water, we will pay an additional £10 to domestic customers and £25 to business customers.


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