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Library Square Proposals

The Blackheath Society are displaying their suggestions for an improved library in the area next to the Post Office. I quite like the 1970s style little library as it is… Every newly upgraded library always seems to have fewer books, and more slightly broken Windows PCs, which doesn’t feel like much of a step forward to me. As computers become cheaper and more portable, I’d be much keener to see an old fashioned library, with lots of books, some (reasonably) confortable chairs, and some Free Wifi. That would be great.

The exhibition is by the bar at the Concert Halls:

The exhibition will be held in the bar area of Blackheath Concert Halls from January 18 to 22 and is open from 10.00am to 7.00pm each day. Committee members will be on hand daily from 5-7pm to answer questions.

If anyone heads over, please let me know how it was – I’ll try and take a look soon!


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