The force is strong…

…in the fancy sofa shop. As the Snowpocalypse continues, it appears that they have called in the Imperial StormTroopers to help us come to terms with our new found arctic lifestyle (see the photo). Is it for sale? Anyone know the price?!

All the shops in the village are starting to remind me of a trip to Moscow! The Village barber’s door was locked, only to opened when a customer knocked.

The off-license has a piece of cardboard sticking out, bleakly announcing “we are open”.

The framing shop is delighted – business is booming. It seems that all those people “working from home” are actually getting their Christmas presents framed!

Selectric don’t sell grit (it’s all imported from abroad apparently), but they’ve still got a couple of bottles of deicer left. And big bags of dishwasher salt, but were doubtful that it would be much use for icy door steps.

Will Blackheath survive?!


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4 responses to “The force is strong…

  1. Sam

    The lil purple tag on the storm trooper (in your photo) says £650 i believe..

    Also, diswasher salt works a treat on Icy doorsteps, give it a shot

  2. stef

    Yep I saw the £650 price tag too…

  3. Ouch!

    Who knew it would be so expensive to oppress rebel scum?

    I think we should get two sentries dressed in stormtrooper outfits and place one in a guardbox on either side of the Paragon ;)

  4. Tom

    £650 you say for a life-size stormtrooper? That’s mighty tempting….

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