No trains for an hour

No trains from Blackheath due to a thimbleful of snow. Allegedly still running from Lewisham.


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5 responses to “No trains for an hour

  1. Andy

    The exodus at Blackheath station when a train arrived at around 8:30 and let on about 5 people was a sight to behold.

    • Blackheathen

      I just hope on the bus and get the DLR although coning home isn’t too good. No buses so it’s a boring walk up boring Belmont Hill. DLR ran through the February snow last year. Excellent really. Stop complaining.

      • statingtheobvious

        To Blackheathen: We’re entirely justified in complaining when we do not receive the service for which we have paid.

  2. Anne

    Right, yes, because buses are just so quick compared to trains. Did you mean hop on the bus, or are hopeful it won’t get stuck in traffic/won’t just not bother turning up? I’d love to know what coning is, too.

    Anyway. You’re in a minority. Everyone else thought it was shit.

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