“Interchange Opportunities” again

I’m taking advantage of our Interchange Opportunities again today. At Lewisham, as there are no trains from Blackheath. But never fear, our local conservative councillor Spencer Drury knows whose fault it is:

“As a Parliamentary Candidate for Greenwich and Woolwich and Leader of the Conservative Group, I will be campaigning to reverse these changes which seem to be a side-effect of a set of central government requirements to run an all day Orpington service via Lewisham. In the short term, the more feedback that we have about people’s difficulties, the more we can use to sort out the problems, so please encourage everyone to feedback their problems and we will use this to back up our views during the timetable review next year.”

He then added (inside my head):

“I mean, who split up the railway anyway- what were they smoking when they thought that would work? How can you have a free market mechanism when there are only one set of rails from A to B?!”

Except he didn’t say that last bit. In other news, all public transport is now free, and 4x4s are now outlawed, unless being pulled on a rope by Boris Johnson.

And when the train announcements say “we are operating a revised timetable today”, do they mean revised for better or worse?


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5 responses to ““Interchange Opportunities” again

  1. Maisie

    Though I doubt it would have been any better under public ownership.

    I take the attitude that the railways are now privatised and will remain that way. It was a major disaster for the public (like so much of Thatcherism) but no a lot we can do now. To be honest it’s no better under the current government – what with the millions wasted on PPP thanks to Mr Brown. All governments seem to be dancing to the tune of the faceless businessmen & investors. meanwhile we get screwed.

    But at least I got to work from home today. :)

  2. Brenda

    A harrassed member of staff was reported as saying the reason they are running a reduced service today and tomorrow is if they try to run a full service & fail, they’re liable for penalties and we can claim refunds.

    If they run the reduced service they’ve advertised, then they’re not liable.

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  4. And my PAYG Oyster charged me £1.30 because I touched in at Blackheath, couldn’t get on the train, so touched out. If I hadn’t touched out it would have charged the max Oyster PAYG fare, but £1.30 for going nowhere?

  5. Brenda

    Alan, apologies but that made me laugh! Talk about add insult to injury. Call Southeastern trains customer services 0845 000 2222 and press 6. And ask for a refund!

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