Dear Southeastern Trains. You Suck.

If you’re coming home from Charing Cross tonight, the last train back to Blackheath is at 20.32. Yes, you read that correctly. We have less than an inch of snow, and our last train is before the watershed. From their website:

London Charing Cross to Dartford via Bexleyheath

The first service departs London Charing Cross at 0702 calling at Waterloo East, London Bridge, Lewisham, Blackheath, Kidbrooke, Eltham, Falconwood, Welling, Bexleyheath, Barnehurst and Dartford. Services leave at 02 and 32 mins past the hour through the day. The last service departs at 2032.

Or you can take an Interchange Opportunity at Lovely Lewisham by taking their last train, which leaves Charing Cross at 2036.

Also, according to this site:

All Southeastern ticket holders can use High Speed services at no extra cost and tickets will be accepted on London Underground on reasonable routes

As Brenda pointed out on another post:

A harrassed member of staff was reported as saying the reason they are running a reduced service today and tomorrow is if they try to run a full service & fail, they’re liable for penalties and we can claim refunds.

If they run the reduced service they’ve advertised, then they’re not liable.

Perhaps we could send the SouthEastern executives to India to speak to the Railway King?


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11 responses to “Dear Southeastern Trains. You Suck.

  1. verbina

    That is just nuts!

    It took me three hours to get home to Lee last night from Victoria. Three hours!

    All useful trains from Victoria were cancelled. So I took the tube to Embankment and sploged up to Charing Cross. I couldn’t even get into the station it was that full. A helpful (ish) station man suggested I headed to Bank to get the DLR to Lewisham.

    So off I headed (and now I bet he was having a right laugh) DLR are currenlty not running from Bank to Lewisham!

    Back on the Tube to London Bridge to chaos. I squeezed myself on to the first train anywhere, got off at Greenwich, jumped on a bus to Lewisham, and another to Lee.

    Three hours later I crawled into my house. I was not a happy bunny.

    This morning I waited for nearly two hours at Lee on the off chance that there would be a train with even the smallest chink of space to get on. Not a hope! They either didn’t stop or were beyond full that they only opened the doors in the vein hope that someone would get off.

    So here I am at home, hating South Eastern Trains.

  2. Brenda

    That is terrible Verbina. Last night was due to a signail failure at Hither Green. I was lucky as I live in Charlton and managed to get through the cordon at Cannon street got on to an empty train. I was home quite quickly. I didnt even attempt the trains this morning, I got on a bus to North Greenwich. Tonight I think i will get the river boat and walk. We need to start making ourselves heard and stop letting them treat us like this whilst increasing our fares. It is not on.

  3. verbina

    I can understand the signal problems, they do happen. To be honest in the end last night it was rather funny (I had to laugh or I’d be sobbing). This morning really took the biscuit though.

    Tomorrow I plan to get the bus to Lewisham and then the DLR to Canary Wharf and then hop onto the Jubilee. Things must be better once you get into town?

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  5. John G

    I use the DLR daily and I would check on before heading off on Thursday!

  6. Brenda

    And the same restricted timetable for tomorrow folks. Hope you werent hoping to get home on a train after a night out!

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  8. Philip Wylie

    Saw your blog and wanted to contribute. I live in Beckenham, nearest station Clock House. Service only half-hourly to Cannon Street. Last one back 19.30 which is outrageous. Beckenham Junction also reduced to half-hourly in the peaks and this morning train late into Victoria as dwell times extended at stations as everyone tried to pile into an 8 car train. Funny that Southern is operating its Metro services almost as normal as is Croydon Tramlink. Got home that way last night but it’s an additional zone to pay.

    The icing on the cake is that anyone can use the high speed service without the supplement which is good for those in central and east Kent, but if you can do that now, why not always? Further, if you look at last train times in Kent, some are operating up to 23.00 and not only on the high-speed line and there is more snow there.

    There may be a lack of de-icing trains, but surely they can be timetabled to cover the network during the night or between other services.

  9. James Parkin

    Short trains for tomorrow due to “Damage” caused by the icy weather.

    should be a joy seeing as we are the second to last stop before london.

    Are south eastern trying to annoy us?

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