A map of the proposed olympic equestrian events in Blackheath & Greenwich has been released. Just imagine the brown bits strewn with dead trees and a million muddy footprints…


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8 responses to “LOCOG map

  1. Blackheathen

    Just imagine how exciting it will be for our own park to be displayed to the world in the 2010 Olympics. I am not alone in remaining mystified by the kill-joys who object to this fantastic event being held on our doorstep.

  2. Ed

    I agree. I think it’s great we are getting an Olympic event. Hey you never know the council may even fill in a few pot holes on the local roads.

    • Realistically speaking were talking a lot of permanent damage to Greenwich Park itself and the trees therein, overstretched transport links and amenities, the inconvenience of half the park being closed to local residents for almost a year and any economic or employment benefits would be very short term. Plus it sets a precedent for future permanent structures on the heath/ in Greenwich park itself. I realise that for someone who was particularly interested in the Olympics all this might seem insignificant next to the weight of having the games on locally, but for most people the only silver lining is the money they’ll make subletting their houses for the duration and getting out of dodge till its all over…

  3. BlackheathTig

    I agree with Blackheathen.

    The biggest and most exciting global event comes to London and all some people can do is moan.

    Dear oh dear, almost HALF of the park will be shut for almost ONE YEAR! How on earth will the good people of South London ever cope?

    Stop moaning and get over it NIMBYs!

    • Which kind of misses the central point that a great number of us simply aren’t interested in the olympics in general or the equestrian event in particular and do not view it as “The biggest and most exciting global event.” Given that we live here as well and that this event will affect all of us in a very real manner, whether we are sports fans or not, aren’t we entitled to express an opinion without being insulted in block capitals by people with entirely subjective arguments?

  4. BlackheathTig

    It is not a subjective argument. There are very few events involving almost every country on the planet.

    Raise your eyes from your own back yard and see the bigger picture Henry.

    This is not about whether you’re a sports fan or bothered about equestrian events. It’s about whether you believe the whole planet uniting at the Games in our tiny corner of the world is something to celebrate or just another opportunity for whinging.


  5. Blackheathen

    So relieved I’m not the only supporter of allowing our park to host the equestrian event in 2012 (sorry about typo earlier on the date thing). I don’t “use” the park, as questioned above. I enjoy the park. Walk over there Saturdays and Sundays if you must know and in the summer walk home through the park. Am looking forward to all the people-watching to be had once the event’s preparations are underway. I enjoy all that when we have the marathon and filming going on too. Don’t you like people?

    Anyway, I’ve studied the map and not that much of it will be closed. I love Blackheath and Greenwich Park. Have lived here forever. Have you? Happy New Year.

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