Public Loos and Christmas Cards

Hello, Boulangerie Jade is a strange place to sit and attempt a crossword when jet-lagged…. Just saw a nice piece about the ever-smiling Big Issue seller outside the station. And it seems that nobody knows who owns the public toilets on Charlton Way, so the council are going to knock them down. I’ve never understood how public conveniences became so unfashionable. Ditching phone boxes I can understand – we all have ultra-portable versions in our pockets now. But until someone invents the magic folding toilet, it would be handy to still have some public lavs wouldn’t it?


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5 responses to “Public Loos and Christmas Cards

  1. How weird, I was just pondering the same thing myself today (about public loos).

  2. Anonymous

    Your favourite NIMBY, the BlackSoc, is fighting renovation of the old bogs on the basis that it would encourage even more parking by bladder-stretched lorry drivers. Even suggestions for a tourist centre have been shouted down.

    Ownership of the bit of tarmac behind the bogs is also a mystery, which is why parkers can’t be issued with tickets.

    There are all sorts of scraps like this which are unregistered. The Crown recently claimed the triangle outside with the tables on when it was discovered that no-one owned it. But the planners stopped them fencing it off and erecting giant umbrellas.

  3. They seem to be a fading folk memory now. Most are locked up and it means a trip to a nearby pub or coffee shop if your caught short!

    The fact they charge at Waterloo and Charing X has always upset me.

    • Blackheathen

      I go to Starbucks if nature calls. I just walk straight in, use their little room and leave. By the way, I heard it on good authority recently that on management training courses for staff nationally in the acquiring property section of Starbucks, the man lecturing ended his piece with the wonderful words, “We don’t want another Blackheath”.

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