Off for 2 weeks

PS: I’m away for a couple of weeks. Mrs Bugle may post if you’re lucky.


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5 responses to “Off for 2 weeks

  1. Blackheath Ann

    Have a good trip, you’ll miss the switch-on of the Christmas lights on 5th December! But return to a festively illuminated village… Hope Mrs B pops in and says hello :-)

  2. Anonymous

    When you get back, you might want to bung this on your “Useful Stuff” list. It’s a fascinating, ongoing blog about highlights of 20th century London life that will ring bells for a few Old Codgers.

  3. Bob Land

    Back in the 1950’s , they were not called hippies , and jazzers.

    You had Mods ( smartly dressed youths, wearing italian style suits etc ).

    Rockers, were mostly gangs of youths who tore around on motor cycles.

    Jazz fans , fell into two categories, traditional and modern, the traditional jazz followers, mostly dressed in sloppy long jumpers and jeans , and most of them had long hair.

    The modern jazz followers dressed a lot smarter.

    The was also another, very minority group then,
    which were called Bohemians, I think that these were the forerunners of the hippies.

    Early 1950’s when rock and roll evolved
    another group emerged called Teddy Boys, these
    were mostly gangs, who were nearly always spoiling for a fight.

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