Momo Franks becomes the wedding dress shop

I noticed that Momo Franks was being redecorated today – I asked one of the builders what it was turning into. He said that the wedding shop down the road is moving in. I’m guessing that it is this one. Now, I know what you’re thinking – how useful is a wedding dress shop… You’re (hopefully) only going to need one per lifetime. But I think it will be a nice shop I think. Why?

It comes highly recommended as the wedding dress in which Mrs Bugle said yes to me :)

PS: Moving house this weekend – staying in Blackheath. All I can see is cardboard boxes.


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5 responses to “Momo Franks becomes the wedding dress shop

  1. Ed

    At last it’s being refurbished.

  2. Michael

    Good luck! We have just moved from Lee to Blackheath and know that ‘cant see anything for boxes feeling’! Glad to hear you will still be staying in Blackheath,

  3. Blackheath Ann

    I’d heard rumours before that the dress shop was looking to relocate. Now we will have to wait and see what moves into that empty space. It’s all a bit like musical chairs!

    Just noticed your twitter comment about the chemists and their charity fancy dress! I went in there the other day without noticing the sign on the door and it was stepping through a portal into a surreal world! Like a cross between the Rocky Horror show and a Tim Burtonesque fairyland. I almost forgot to buy my cold remedies I was so discombobulated. Good for them for making an effort!

    Hope the move is progressing well – not a very dry day for it. Why does it always seem to rain during a move?

  4. LadyMuck

    Excellent news. Blackburn Bridal is a beautiful shop and pleased to hear that Russell’s business is doing well. Mrs Bugle obviously has excellent taste and in a bid to support local concerns, my dress came from there too!

  5. Lisa

    Hi – Just moved to Blackheath and we’re looking for a good driving school – can anybody advise/suggest? Thanks,Lisa

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