Prime Time Going?

Prime Time DVD Shop Closing Down Sale Blackheath
I hope this is a typo. Wandered back home last night to see “Closing Down Sale” signs plastered all over the strangest and best movie shop in the world. This could be disastrous. I even cancelled our LoveFilm subscription on the basis that poking around Prime Time’s dusty shelves was more fun than waiting for a film that you didn’t care about to land on the doormat. Perhaps it’s just a renovation? I’ll find out more.


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10 responses to “Prime Time Going?

  1. Igoris

    hope that the fish and chips shop with astronomic prices will get out as well

  2. afraid I can confirm it is closing :(

  3. David Alexander

    I understand business has been poor for some time now. People tend to buy DVDs now, rather than rent them, they’re so cheap. And of course the competition from online suppliers like Love Film must be a factor. And then there’s the downloaders. But it is a pity. A great store, with a wide range of often interesting stuff.

  4. Sue

    Let’s hope they’re not selling it to a bookies like they did their other shop (Homeview as was) on Brockley Road!

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  6. John G

    That’s a shame it’s closing. Let’s hope the replacement shop is not a chain / curry house.

  7. Blackheathen

    A bookshop would be good.

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