Rail cuts at Blackheath

Tin of Sardines by House of Sims
The rail cuts are going ahead. I think it’s a great idea – those trains are so spacious during rush hour, I never know what to do with all that leg room.

Local councillor Godfried Gyechie reckons we should go and grumble at the managers on 12 November at Cannon Street. I’m not so sure that it will make any difference. The train companies are only doing what they can get away with, based on legislation drawn up by government. If they could stick us all into a single cattle truck, I’m sure they would. So his other suggestion of emailing the transport minister is a much better one – or you could tweet him.

Tin of Sardines by House of Sims


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12 responses to “Rail cuts at Blackheath

  1. PackedIn

    Judging by the performance of the 8.58 cannon street service this week, the changes have already taken effect!

  2. Ed

    ?! I thought the Government wanted to increase the number of trains on commuter lines and not reduce them…

    • Blackheathen

      There used to be 3 platforms; that bit behind the two jolly men who sell the coffee. Wish they’d shove the DLR in there.

  3. I don’t think I’m the only one who is baffled by not just these cuts but those being talked about by Boris Johnson on other rail services around London and also some bus routes. The trains and buses are packed most of the time. Surely the operating companies must be making money. So why the cuts? It’s beyond me.

  4. SS

    What an absolute stitch-up! Is there anywhere that we can get a look at the new timetable?

  5. Perry

    It’s been sneakliy placed on the Southeastern website since summer. Next to no peak-hour trains to Canon Street now, and an overall reduction in service. Rubbish.

  6. Eve

    Here’s a summary of the new timetable I found on the Southeastern website:

    Click to access Timetable%206%20December%202009.pdf

    The main changes compared to the current summer timetable seem to be (if I’ve counted correctly):

    For trains from Blackheath to central London:

    -7 trains from 06:00-06:59, up from 6
    -10 trains from 07:00-07:59 – no change
    -10 trains from 08:00-08:59, down from 13

    -8 trains at non-peak times, up from 6

    For trains departing from central London (Charing Cross, Cannon Street, Victoria) to Blackheath:

    -11 trains departing from 17:00-17:59, up from 10
    -8 trains from 18:00-18:59, down from 10
    -8 trains from 19:00-19:59 – no change

    -8 trains at non-peak times, up from 6

    Happy shoving, everyone…

  7. What really gets me is the fact they think changing to the DLR is a viable option (and don’t get me started on the idea of hopping on a bus and going via Charlton). For those of us who pay single fares as we don’t get enough of ’em to warrant a pass, the cost is the same from Blackheath to Cannon St and from Blackheath to Lewisham. So they want us to go to Lewisham and change to the DLR – for the same amount of cash that buys a train service all the way to Cannon St.

    • Oyster pay-as-you-go is supposed to be starting early in 2010. If the rules are the same as on all DLR/Tube routes, you should be able to tap in at Blackheath, transfer to the DLR at Lewisham, and tap out at the end for one fare. Don’t hold me to it, though. It would be a good question to put to Southeastern.

  8. Mo

    Has Boris manged to keep any of his promises? Congestion charge hmm now going up. Bus and tube fares hmm going up. More trains hmm cut backs, Cross rail hmm think we might cancel it. That definitely makes us keener to ride a bike throught the zillions of extra cars because we cant catch a train/bus/tube.

  9. M

    I am also disgusted by the train cuts.
    I find it incredible that the managers were at blackheath station last night (10th november) handing out timetables in a jolly manner and the ticket inspectors were there in force demanding to see tickets! My train last night was cancelled so I had to get on the next packed train and they have the cheek to ask to see tickets!What a joke! I think there should be a passengers day of action!

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