Page Estate Blackheath Residents group

Gill writes:

Just to alert you to the Page Estate Blackheath Residents’ Facebook group I set up a while ago, for all freeholders, leaseholders and tenants of the Page Estate in Blackheath, to discuss issues of common interest (repairs, etc). I’d be grateful if you could publicise it on the Bugle.

The Blackheath Page Estate (not to be confused with a council estate in Eltham) is a privately owned ‘estate’ in parts of Lewisham and Greenwich Boroughs — eg some Victorian properties on the Lewisham side of Lee Road, the communal garage areas attached to the Span houses in Lee Road, Heathlee Road, Foxwood Road, some Victorian properties in Lee Park and Lee High Road, then some other Victorian properties over the other side of the heath in Beaconsfield Road, probably other roads too. The properties are dotted around (it’s not a self-contained, specific area as such). The management office is in Beaconsfield Road. Residents are getting increasingly frustrated by the poor response (and often lack of response) to requests for repairs, and that’s why I set up the group. The Victorian house I live in contains four flats, two on long lease and two rented, and no external maintenance has been done since 1995/6.

We’d very much appreciate a bit of publicity so that more people will be aware of the group and hopefully join it.

If anyone else has set up residents groups for their estates in Blackheath, please let me know and I’ll add a link here.


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6 responses to “Page Estate Blackheath Residents group

  1. cherry denison

    Gill, I just found your page whilst Googling in desperation for a contact for AJPolhill to whom I write cheques for my groundrent – I live in Beaconsfield Road.
    Could you give me a ring on 0208 8582650, I would value comparing notes with you. Assuming you have not moved on in disgust.

  2. Gill

    Hello Cherry & Justin
    Apologies, especially to Cherry — I’ve only just seen your message here. Please feel free to contact me at:
    but I’ll give you a call on the number you’ve given.
    Justin — it’s called the Page Estate after a previous (19th c) owner, who was called Page or (believe it or not) Page Turner! I’m sure Neil Rhind could tell us more.

  3. Steph

    Possibly moving into a Page Estate property. I hope things have improved?

  4. sandra kisby

    I just found your site. I live at 26A Vanbrugh Park SE3 7Af and “own” the flat on a long lease of about 170 years. It would be good to be in touch with other residents.

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