Blackheath Fireworks Night 2009!

UPDATE: Normally I’d suggest my Map of Parking in Blackheath, but with 65,000 people predicted, it’s probably better to leave the car at home.

Hello, back finally! Here’s the latest missive from the council about the fireworks on Saturday 7 November at 8pm, complete with a map!
Blackheath Fireworks Map 2009

The Blackheath fireworks display is always a popular event with local residents although last year we received several complaints that roads closed and the firing zone had changed without sufficient advanced information. We have had meeting with the organisers and hope this year communications with local residents will be better.

It is one of the most dazzling displays in London, bringing colour and light to the skies of Lewisham and Greenwich. This year’s event, which is free, will be held on Saturday 7 November at 8pm. It will be a full 30 minutes long and will feature a vast array of fireworks in a dazzling range of colours, set perfectly to music. International food and drink will be available throughout the evening so you can make a night of it.

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable evening (please take care of your pets on the evening and ensure they are safe)

Here are a few reminders before you come:

* It is illegal to bring your own fireworks (including sparklers) onto the heath
* Prince of Wales Road will be closed on the 6 and 7 November; other road closures will apply only on the 7 November
* Leave your car at home – there is no parking on the heath and traffic enforcement is in operation in surrounding roads. Only Blue Badge Holders can park at the event. Many roads in the area will be closed from mid afternoon.
* Do not buy items, especially fireworks, from unauthorised traders who may operate at the event. Illegal traders sell unchecked merchandise that may be dangerous.


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14 responses to “Blackheath Fireworks Night 2009!

  1. Olly Knight

    “* It is illegal to bring your own fireworks (including sparklers) onto the heath”

    What? Bringing your own firework i understand but sparklers???? WTF?

    • Blackheath Ann

      When this ban was brought in I’m sure I remember reading that it was because too many people left the metal sticks all over the grass and it was a headache to clear them up. Plus they got stuck in the mowers.

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  3. Ed

    The best fireworks in London. Another reason for West / North Londoners to venture to a tube free zone…

    • Blackheathen

      Love the fact we have such a good fireworks display on the heath but last year the credit crunch resulted in about twenty five minutes of the type of fireworks my father lit in the back garden back in the day then about five minutes of wonderful. Wished I’d stayed at home to watch X Factor to be honest. Not only that, it took me 45 minutes to walk from one end of the village to the other to get home. Could someone train the police a bit better on that? Thanks.

  4. Will be there again with my cameras- will try and bring a couple of film friends along as well so we can get some properly cool footage :)

  5. Blackheathen… come on it wasn’t that bad and the weather didn’t help. Get with the beat not against it!

  6. smarty pants

    lets hope that traffic is controlled in an efficient manner . Where are the revellers supposed to park if roads are closed off? i.m not from this area so any ideas would be welcomed.
    thanks – smarty

    • Anonymous

      Where are the RESIDENTS meant to park? All bays are being suspended and no-one seems to have considered that people live in this area.

  7. A stunning display, truly fab – let down by some serious bad planning. Queuing for 45 minutes for a terrible hot-dog is to be expected, I guess, but closing pavements, so that small children had to walk along a 1 metre muddy, slippery spit of land right next to a packed A2 was just downright dangerous.

  8. Anonymous

    Pity my camera has been “borrowed” or I would have shown the flip side: the disgusting mess left behind. Not much hope for saving the planet if people can’t be bothered to take away their bottles, plastic bags and hot dog scraps.

  9. roger

    More money than ever seems to have been spent on security fencing and barriers for this years fireworks. The result – more dangerous!

    I had to walk my child along the edge of the A2, with no way of getting onto the Heath. Who came up with this bad idea ?

    The fireworks were moved from their usual position, to the other side of the heath, where there were more street lights.

    Moaning aside – they were still great fun!

  10. Blackheathen

    Brilliant display this year. Better than last I thought. How I get around the fact my father had to walk from Dartmouth Row end of heath to get there, at age 85 not funny – I’m not sure. I think the only answer next year will be to drive him into the village and sit it out in a restaurant, likewise afterwards, just to wait for the roads to clear.

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