Emotional Baggage

Hooray for passports!
I got on the train yesterday at Blackheath. It was packed. I stuffed my bag under a chair to get it out of the way. More people got on, so I moved down. Then a seat next to me became free, so I sat down. The train was still packed to the end of the journey. When I looked for my bag, it was gone. And it had my passport in it. The passport that I need in order to get married next week. Oh god.

So, I spent a miserable morning talking to the Met Police, the Transport Police (who are completely separate), SouthEastern Trains, SouthWest Trains (who also do not talk to each other), and the passport office.

Amazingly, out of all these institutions, by far the most effective and helpful was the passport office. I now have a new passport, and every time I look at that terrified, miserable passport photo, I will be reminded that, yes, I am an idiot, and that, yes, I really should listen to Mrs Bugle when she says hold on to your bag on the train.

And to the lost property man at Waterloo station- a bag that has been thrown away by a thief doesn’t have any uniquely identifiable DNA that proves which Train Operating Company was being used when it was stolen. If I’ve had a bag pinched at Waterloo East, perhaps you should at least pretend to give a damn when I tell you about it at Waterloo Main Station?


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7 responses to “Emotional Baggage

  1. Rubyeva

    Reliefed to hear that the wedding isn’t endangered!

  2. Kate

    Best of luck for the wedding!!!

    Something always goes wrong with big events – this is probably yours, so be glad you got it out of the way nice and early and so can enjoy the day itself with no hitches.

  3. auchinairnboy

    I have twice had to get passports at short notice. The passport office is brilliant. It is by a very long way the most efficient public body (or private for that matter) I have ever dealt with.

  4. statingtheobvious

    What is the point of your childish rant about the “lost property man” at Waterloo station? Given your attitude, I’m not suprised that he didn’t “give a damn”.

  5. I rather suspect BB’s ‘attitude’ was prompted in response to having to deal with an unhelpful and unsympathetic individual. If you’ve never been in this position yourself, then you are very lucky.

  6. Brenda

    But surely its a case of you get what you pay for? I was shocked at the price of a new passport, and even more shocked at the cost of getting one in double quick time.

  7. Blackheath Ann

    Bugle and Mrs B, the most important thing is…did the passport do the job, are you now married Bugles, was it all romantic and wonderful and fantastic and is the blog continuing in all its glory?! Blackheath awaits…

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