Photos of the Heath Before and After Climate Camp

As suspected, the climate camp clean up was pretty much perfect.

As published on Indymedia, here’s a photo during the camp:

During the Blackheath Climate Camp, photo by Indymedia

And here’s the same location afterwards:

After the Blackheath Climate Camp, photo by Indymedia

Photos by Indymedia, who I think operate a copyleft image policy.


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11 responses to “Photos of the Heath Before and After Climate Camp

  1. Should we expect anything less?

  2. camper

    I think what’s to be expected is the demonisation of the camp as a hypocritical shit-heap. This is proof of the opposite. There’s nothing gloating about it, it’s sad that these kind of lengths have to be gone to to demonstrate that we do in fact care about the planet.

  3. Across from the climate camp was a fairground. Can you do a comparison before and after for that?

  4. Anna

    Festival goers could learn a thing or two from the climate campers. Passing the site of the Reading Festival on Tuesday it looked like one giant landfill site. I’ve never seen so much rubbish and so many discarded tents in such a small area. It really was disgusting and the climate campers should be proud of themselves for doing the exact opposite and leaving the site on Blackheath so tidy – they show the rest of us how it should be done! Well done!

    • Anonymous

      One day I’ll do a before and after of the Heath next to All Saints church on a hot Sunday. The amount of garbage people leave behind is depressing. In other parts of London, you can be fined £50 for chucking away a fag end. Perhaps we could do with similar penalties on the Heath – or invite climateers every weekend :]

  5. Ed

    Yes well done to the climate campers for cleaning up the heath so well.

  6. Chris

    Yes the clean up was good. Sad that we are all so amazed by people cleaning up after themselves these days, but that’s for a different string of posts. However, nobody seems to have mentioned that the “Climate” people appear to have removed a fairly large section of the newly planted bushes that sit atop the new bund that hides the A2. I don’t have any photos of before and after, just my memory. But I did drive past the clean up in progress and saw a few campaigners with bits in their hands. Useful kindling I suppose. But hypocritical.

  7. Excellent – thanks for this! It just shows all those who were saying the campers would wreak havoc have some words to eat :)

  8. Tamsin

    I understand the countryside marches were equally self-cleaning – to the surprise of various authorities all geared up to clean up the expected garbabe.

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