Climate Camp -The Aftermath

Sundown on Blackheath Climate Camp by Flickr user Eddie C

… or not. All in all, Blackheath seemed to do pretty well out of the Climate Camp. The people in Provender looked as though all their Christmases had come at once (well, they said they’d been busy). The Hare and Billet looked busier than I’d seen it for a long while, despite the worsening choice of beer (all seems to taste like vinegar these days), and the miserable sign on the loos “toilets are for customers only”.

What I’d really like to know is- has anyone taken any before & after shots of the Heath? I reckon the protesers will have cleaned up pretty well after themselves, save for the odd strands of hay and a couple of fire-pits. It would be nice to compare the two photos.

Personally, I went to some great workshops, saw more people on my patch of the interweb than ever before, and now have a strong desire to go and build a wind turbine. Maybe they should hold it in Blackheath every year, like a kind of Blackheath Burning Man.

Photo by Flickr user Eddie C


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9 responses to “Climate Camp -The Aftermath

  1. ThePirateKing

    Be great if they (or someone) did it every year. Nice to see the heath being used.

    I don’t have any ‘before’ shots of the heath as I didn’t know they were going to arrive until they did.

    I’ve just bought a magazine about solar power – must be catching.

  2. Mike Russell

    There are pictures of the heath at the very start here:

    Based on previous experience there will be some yellow grass for a couple of weeks, and the filled in and turfed grey water and fire pits will have a slight unevenness to begin with. However it will very shortly return to its natural state minus the large amount of litter that was there when we arrived.

    What’s it like after the fair goes?

  3. sue

    I live a couple of hundred yards from the camp and all I can say is they have been some of the quietest neighbours I have ever had! Looking at the clear up photos, they seem to have covered an enormous area.
    Well done them.

  4. Jim

    Just a thanks to the Blackheath Bugle for all his posts of the climate camp, great to have all the first hand info from you.

  5. Yes, great to have a local view. Makes the Mayor and his cronies look a bunch of tossers.

    It was a good idea to extend an invite to locals as they too can see what a bunch of tossers and how out of touch are their so-called elected representatives.

  6. Definitely, they can come back any time :)

  7. Ian

    I love the idea of a Blackheath burning man – frnakly the usual use of the heath is boring and unimaginative beyond belief.

    The camp was a terrific event for everyone and IMHO was very well liked by locals.

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