The Mystery Sundial

The Mysterious Sundial taken by twitter user JoBrodie
Anyone know where the mysterious sundial has appeared from?
Jo says “It’s near Vanbrugh Park – very nearby to Royal Standard area and pub. It’s on the side of the road where the number 53 and number 380 buses go towards the Standard”.
Is it GMT or BST? :)
Photo taken by twitter user @JoBrodie


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5 responses to “The Mystery Sundial

  1. babywarhol

    Yes, we saw the old man who painted it….

  2. Ali

    Hey has this taken priority over the climate camp!

  3. I’ve seen it appear every summer for the last year or two and it disappears quite quickly. Not sure if the people living in the house nearby remove it, or if it’s the council as part of their street cleaning, or the original man who painted it.

    Always pleased to see it – there should be more home-made sundials in Blackheath :)

    National Maritime Museum’s “Make your own sundial”

  4. SpanFan

    When walking across the heath towards Greenwich park yesterday I came across what looks like a large stone sundial (or a roundabout?) that is being built at the crossroads between various footpaths. Wondered if anyone had heard about this and what it is for?

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