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The Mystery Sundial

The Mysterious Sundial taken by twitter user JoBrodie
Anyone know where the mysterious sundial has appeared from?
Jo says “It’s near Vanbrugh Park – very nearby to Royal Standard area and pub. It’s on the side of the road where the number 53 and number 380 buses go towards the Standard”.
Is it GMT or BST? :)
Photo taken by twitter user @JoBrodie


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Less of a Cornish Rebellion than a Welsh Outsourcing

Dafauxdils photo by flickr user Zimpenfish
From WalesOnline news:

Welsh cops have been drafted into London to deal with up to 3,000 environmental protesters.
Nearly 30 officers from North Wales Police were sent to the Climate Camp at Blackheath in east London, overlooking the capital’s Docklands and Canary Wharf, earlier this week.

Dafauxdils photo by flickr user Zimpenfish


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Cinema in Blackheath?

Blackheath Climate Camp Cinema Times
Blackheath Climate Camp CinemaSort of… There is a strange brown tent in the Climate Camp, with a van poking out of the front of it, furnished with two solar panels! It appears to be a mobile cinema, showing various eco-movies! Sunday 9.30pm Doctor Strangelove anyone?

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