A Better Class of Nutter

Well written analysis of the Climate Camp in the Torygraph, obsessing over class again.

It might appear typically British to obsess about class while the earth burns..

Yes, it does, now you come to mention it actually…

…but what seems to distinguish the colourfully attired protesters at the Climate Camp set up in south-east London from previous revolutionaries is the overwhelming dominance of posh, upper-middle-class white people.

And on on Mayor Bullock:

Bullock, a former van driver, neatly represents the class conflict between green campaigners and the working class, who tend to be apathetic about political protest of any sort, and especially the tree-hugging variety.

Interesting description on the tensions between the “Spikys” and the “Fluffys”. I definitely saw a few “Spikys” on the first day, but fewer today.

Already, however, the coalition had splintered. After Drax, the “spikys”, the more anarchic wing of the anti-capitalist movement, left in disillusionment at the pacifism of the “fluffys”. Last week, a “spiky” outfit known as the Whitechapel Anarchist Group – “the Wags” – objected to the Camp’s “fluffy” leaders meeting “the pigs”, as anarchists still call the police.

And then back to class again:

Yet the children of the privileged have often formed the nucleus of radical protest movements, from the student demos of 1968 back through the Suffragettes and the Chartists. Even the Peasants’ Revolt was not called that at the time (rather, “The Mad Multitude”), and its leaders were “middle-class” by today’s standards.

There does seem to be a competition running between the Mail and The Telegraph to see who can attract the most mental comments at the bottom of their articles…. Not like the Buglers of course…


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4 responses to “A Better Class of Nutter

  1. Curious

    For the avoidance of any doubt.

    Have you agreed to the reporting restrictions that the Climate Camp have attempted to impose. See here http://tinyurl.com/lg5zmp and countless other links.

    Because if you have then you should declare the fact.

  2. Huw Spanner

    The Tristram and Cecilia thing is greatly exaggerated (and even more ludicrously so in the Mail). I have met mostly middle-class people at the camp, but Tamsin Omond is the only one I can think of who had a posh voice or a posh name. And I have been pleasantly surprised to see that the camp is less overwhelmingly white than any other environmental demo I have been to.

    Otherwise, I think the Telegraph is wrong to say that ‘the goal is to “draw attention” to climate change – hardly a subject that lacks awareness’. I would say that the goal is to draw attention to the increasing urgency of taking drastic and decisive action to avert catastrophic climate change, which I would say is a subject that is still largely ignored by our society, which is more interested in iPhones and Big Brother.

    Indeed, there are many at Climate Camp who are no longer interested in merely drawing attention to the need to take action but intend to take action themselves: for example, by doing everything humanly possible to prevent the construction of a third runway at Heathrow or any new coal-fired power stations. How much they are capable of remains to be seen; but what interested me was the degree of sympathy they seem to be getting from local people.

  3. Ali

    I’m a local and I’ve got no problem with them camping here (they all look completly harmless).

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