Letter to Blackheath Residents from Climate Camp

An open letter to Blackheath Residents just appeared on the Another Green World blog page. Not sure if it is official (or even if there is such a thing as “official” at the camp!), anyway, looks interesting:

Letter to Blackheath residents from Climate Camp
August 27, 2009

Dear Resident,

This letter is from the Camp for Climate Action. The camp is setting up on Blackheath from 26 August to 2 September. This letter is just to explain a little about the camp, and to invite you to come along and visit.

The Camp for Climate Action is a diverse bunch of people who want to see more action about climate change.

For the last 3 years we’ve organised a week long event in the summer to educate each other, demonstrate sustainable living and learn about different ways we can stop and Reverse climate change. 2 years ago you may have heard of us when we were at Heathrow Airport, arguing against the plans for a third runway there.

The camps are family friendly and open to all. There’s no entrance fee, everyone works on it as volunteers. It’s a very do-it-yourself kind of event and we hope we manage to combine things that are too often kept apart: politics and fun, practice and theory, Education and action…Please do come along and see for yourself, you are very welcome.

This year we are camping in London because we want to demonstrate and talk about the links between the crisis happening to our climate and the financial crisis and capitalism. We feel that at the root of both are decisions and practices that are made and enacted in centres like the city of London, and that we cannot divorce the problems of environmental damage from the economics of endless growth that is pushed by the City. That is why we have chosen this location, steeped in a history of protest and overlooking the city, to keep us focused on the source of the problem.

We’re only here for a week, then we pack up, and we hope to cause minimal disruption while we are here. We have an excellent record of clearing up after ourselves; in our first year, the wildlife trust who managed the land next door to us were very complimentary about how we left it. We fully value the open spaces of London, as we’re sure you do, so we don’t want to see any damage to the area, or any mess left behind. We will be talking to the council about all matters to do with health, waste, parking, safety issues, etc.

We would like to hold a public meeting on Sunday 30 August, particularly for you, the local
residents, to ask any questions and find out more about the camp. Please ring us on 07529 867185 for more details.

All of the camps in previous years have attracted many members of the local community and we hope this year will be no different. You can come at any time, but if you’d like someone to show you around then come on one of our guided tours, every evening at 6pm.

We look forward to meeting you.

Best wishes,

The Camp for Climate Action.

How to get in touch with us….
Phone: 07529 867185

Tours of the camp: 6pm Every Evening from the Welcome Tent

Public Meeting: 3.30 – 5pm, Saturday 29 August,
Greenwich Community and Arts centre,
141 Greenwich high Road,
SE10 8JA


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6 responses to “Letter to Blackheath Residents from Climate Camp

  1. A copy of this was posted through my door on Wednesday. The camp is right next to where I live, so I guess it’s as “official” a letter as you’re likely to find :-)

  2. Pete

    It is an ‘official’ letter – it can be found on the Climate Camp website: http://www.climatecamp.org.uk/

  3. jake

    doesn’t it bum you out that these idiots have decided to come and camp right next to where you live?

  4. Blackheath Ann

    Hello Jake, We live very close to the camp and no, it doesn’t bother us at all. There has been no noise or disturbance at all and all the campers I’ve met have been polite and considerate and some have come to our door and invited us to visit and find out what they are about.

    Even if I thought they were idiots (which I don’t) I’d be struggling to find a reason to moan about a week-long peaceful and trouble-free gathering that takes up no more space than the funfair and is less noisy. All the residents and local traders I’ve spoken to are similarly relaxed and positive about those they have met. I’m confident they will clean up and leave no mess. It’s all fine.

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