Blackheath – The Daily Mail lifestyle choice

The Daily Mail comes to the Blackheath climate camp protest, bringing a whiff of lifestyle, despair and misery.

Apparently it’s not a protest, it’s a load of middle class children, who will never be political and are a bunch of hypocrites for even attempting such a protest. Every time I read one of these Mail articles (and feel guilty for clicking on their links) it reminds me how much they seem to hate their own readers. It is as though they are saying “You can’t change anything, so don’t even try. You’ve lost already so go home and do as we tell you”. It delights in asking “Where are all the battle-hardened anarchists with smelly dreadlocks, boasting tales of police brutality?”

Have a little read of this, if you haven’t read about how the Mail behaved in the 30’s. It is fascinating. Yes it was a long time ago, but there’s still a strange odour lingering over articles like this one, even now – it’s just that these days the language has softened slightly, and been replaced with talk of brands and lifestyle choices.


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5 responses to “Blackheath – The Daily Mail lifestyle choice

  1. Maisie

    The “Daily Fascist” does treat it’s readers with utter contempt. Something along the lines of – “Women go and look after your wicked out of control children. It’s *your* fault they are like that – you and your silly career (and those immigrants must be at fault as well!”)

    The genius of the Mail is that the readers do not realise they are being patronised. Maybe they just ignore the Mail’s rancid politics and head straight for the gossip & lifestyle section (it does have a comprehensive TV section at the weekend. :) It is a newspaper popular with women of a certain age, who as depressed as this makes me feel, have no interest in politics. However the Mail brilliantly insinuates their narrow minded biases into articles like this. So the average non political reader will read it and not realise they have been infected with the Mail’s sinister and somewhat evil view of the world.

  2. Maisie

    Oops sorry. I was on ranting mode. :)

  3. Anonymous

    You’ve missed the key issue. What impact will it have on house prices?

  4. Sensible Sam

    I thought it was quite a good, light-hearted article which didn’t treat the campers with the reverence they seem to think is their right.

    And if you want to criticise the Mail in future it’s a sign of barrel scraping to mention the 1st Lord Rothermere and the Nazis.

    Now get back and tug your forelock to Natalie, Ottille & co

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