Little messages from Climate Change

Tweets about climate change that made me smile. (Not agreeing with all of them!)

Love the way the bbc can only find posh kids to interview at climate camp. Bloody hippies!
Went to look at the climate protest on Blackheath. It looks like an end of season Millets tent sale, manned by bored sales assistants…
Slightly disappointed not to see a #Blackheath Standard branch of #climatecamp. Someone’s got to find a use for the green there…
Oh god, why Blackheath for fuck’s sake? Piss off you appalling smug lifestylists.
If I hear one more smug reference to Wat Tyler I will go down there and set about them with a spade.
wonders if Blackheath might collapse with the no. of #climatecampers on it -it is all a maze of tunnels!
Actually,I can see the Blackheath Tea Hut having it’s best week ever!.. If they rotate the ‘Animal Burger’ for a ‘Vegan Burger’.
Crusties set up camp on Blackheath. Don’t worry If the plague doesn’t get them, the traffic pollution will!

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One response to “Little messages from Climate Change

  1. Blackheathen

    Cafes in village tell me they’ve been good for local business. We should be proud they’ve chosen our heath to make their protest and hey, we’re in the news! Children up there too. Hardly heading for ASBOs Mr. Bullock. Pay a visit and win yourself some votes.

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